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MinerVa team is made up of experts in ASIC, FPGA, GPU, AI algorithms, and industrial deployment that spans across the globe. We have created a team that can solve any challenges so we can ensure we create the most technologically advanced products on the market.

Our new MINERVA7 Chip Is Ready

Top Tier Technology

Available in Mass Production

SHA256 Product

The MV7

105 TH @ 3300W +/- 10%

The MV7 is the best valued product currently available on the market. This product utilizes our new chip for increased speed, reliability and efficiency.

Once only available to private industrial clients it is now available for purchase to the global market for the first time ever.  

The Specifications

MV7 Miner Specifications


(W)8 1/2” x (D)7 1/8” x (H)13 1/4”




3300W +/- 10%

Hashrate & Efficiency

MV7L  95-105TH/s  31J/TH
MV7M  85-95TH/s  35J/TH
MV7S  75-85TH/s  39J/TH


Hashboards Per Minter

Built for SHA-256  – 3 boards

Fan Speed

6000 RPM Max

Voltages & Amps

220V to 300V / 16A



Liquid Immersion